Whether you’re in need of corporate video production or shooting a TV Commercials – a question we always get from our West Palm Beach clients is…

How much does a video cost?

Though the answer is generally not concrete or finite, I’ll do my best to explain what exactly goes into the pricing a video.

Think of it like buying a home, a general two bedroom house is $275,000. While the house is all you really need. Adding things like:

  • Paved backyard (voice-over)
  • Swimming pool (multiple cameras)
  • Granite counter tops (actors)
  • Hurricane windows (quick-delivery)

All of which increases the price of your home (video).

Why are people willing to spend extra?

Because they understand the value of the investing in their home. Purchasing the right home is an investment towards your family and purchasing the right video, is an investment towards your business!

Thankfully, our video production services don’t come with the same price tag as a house. Just remember the production quality of your video is seen as a reflection of your business. It lets you stand out amongst your competitors, and allows you to market directly to customers seeking your services.

It’s beneficial to your business to find the right video production company that you can trust to provide quality video production services as well as advertising services. For West Palm Beach business owners looking to find the cheapest videographer with the fastest turnaround, we're not for you! – we're also not the most expensive or the slowest. It's imperative to find the right video production company that will provide your business with overall value and high-quality services - because how can you ask your buyers to invest in your product or services when you do not invest in yourself?


  • Length of video
  • How quickly do you need the video done
  • Crew & Talent
  • Stock Footage
  • Storyboarding
  • Voiceover
  • Scriptwriting

Our pricing is based on the value that we bring into the production of your video. For example, a 1-minute video shot in 4 hours with basic editing can run as little as $1,500. While a 30-second commercial with tons of motion graphics, actors and special effects can cost up to $5,000. If you're interested in learning more about our process, you can learn more here!

Now what you do with the video is equally, if not as important, for maximum exposure. Here are some of the ways you can utilize your video.

  • YouTube Optimization (great way for free traffic)
  • Facebook Advertising (guarantee way to reach users both on mobile & desktop)
  • Landing Page implementation (make a great first impression)
  • Native Video Utilization

Both lists have many options on what potential buyers may want to consider when shopping for a video, which is why so many companies tend to be hush-hush on the whole matter. At Tasca Studios, we strive to be a value-first video production company! This is why our video production team is so passionate about educating West Palm Beach business owners on the power of video and how it can transform their businesses.

If content is king then transparency is queen. We like to be honest and upfront with our clients just as we’d want them to be with us.

Here are some basic factors we take into account when pricing our videos:

  1. STRATEGY: Optimizing and promoting the video properly.
  2. EDITING: Post-production (color correction, music, etc.)
  3. TIME: Duration of video, time spent planning and shooting

Video pricing


A Business Card Video/Profile Business Video is essential to any business in our digital era. These videos are created to give your business the advantage of making the right first impression with any potential customers. Some of the features listed include: Local search, YouTube optimization, and website implementation. Lastly, we upload the video to your Facebook page and run a 1-week starter campaign at no additional cost.
$2,500 - $5,000
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Testimonial Videos

Testimonials are a great way for your potential customers to know how great you are! And hearing it from some outside of your firm has even more added value. These videos focus on the benefits of working with you, as the customer. We essentially sell your business through the moving image. These videos are usually short in length but can run up to three minutes. Most interviews vary from 5 - 15 minutes per interviewee as we capture the most natural feedback from your customer. The video is edited and then delivered to you via Dropbox. We can also assist you with the uploading and distribution of the video if needed.
$1,500 - $2,500
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Social Media Promo Videos

Probably one of the most popular in today’s market is social media video, with sites like Facebook and YouTube dominating user's attention and giving the best ROI to the medium. These videos can start at $200 per hour for pre-production which consists of script writing, story-boarding, meetings and planning.
$750 - $1,500
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