Local Listing Management


We help your business get found in local search results, and stay there!

Local Listing Management includes...

  • Optimized Business Description.
  • Proper Business Categories.
  • We Create, Claim, Optimize and Distribute your business listings to the top 40 performing directories.
  • Local Verticals.
  • Comprehensive Monthly Progress Reports.


When you have incorrect and inconsistent N.A.P data across the web, search engines like Google view your business as untrustworthy and lowers your online ranking.

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number

By creating as many high-quality local citations as possible for your location and ensuring consistent NAP DATA, it signals to Google that you are a credible and legitimate business and you'll be rewarded with higher visibility.


  1. We evaluate your business and assess your current visibility score.
  2. We clean up any inconsistent data that may be hurting your score
  3. We optimize your business images, information, and business category into the top 40 business directories for your niche market!

Once we’ve claim, clean-up, and optimize your business listings, more customers can find you online! Local Listing Management is a one-time payment of $1,449.