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Sell More with a Purpose-built
Video Marketing Series

Create one powerful video marketing campaign to connect with audiences across all social media platforms. By producing a video series centered around a topic or service, you'll easily be able to build your brand identity and dominate that niche market.

At Tasca Studios, our team of video strategists research and plan the best course of action to get you the most exposure, stand out from competitors, and get found by prospective customers.

We'll take care of everything and manage the whole process. This of us as

Half production company. Half marketing agency

Here are some benefits you can expect from a strategic video marketing campaign:
  • Increase reach and engagement
  • Target niche audiences across all social platforms
  • Monitor ROI metrics & optimize your sales funnel
  • Dominate a specific industry or service
  • Easily get found by users researching your video topics

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Austin Mautner - Owner Riverbend Family Dentistry

Positive ROI behind a curated Brand Video

See how we were able to highlight their practice and give them a positive ROI on their Brand Video.

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Recruitment Videos FAQs

What is a recruitment video?

Explainer videos are animations the explain your product, platform or value proposition. We use animation in particular for technical, hard to understand products. Our explainer videos have a specific focus on quality, and where the animated assets can be used repeatedly over time. Our animation studio has won over 20-Behance awards for vector animation, frame-by-frame animation, app explainer videos and 2D-animation. Our studio also produces 3D animation for complex products. In short, we’re the animated explainer video company you’ve been looking for.

What is the purpose of a recruitment video?

Yes. All of our explainer videos include storyboarding — we see this as one of the most integral parts of the entire animation process.

Do you need a recruitment video for successful hiring?

Studies show that 85% of people are more likely to buy a product after watching an explainer video, and explainer videos convert 20% more visitors into customers than text alone.
The main reason explainer videos are effective is because they communicate a straightforward story that viewers can easily relate to. They combine images, motion, and audio to ensure your message is clear and memorable. In other words, they leverage visual and verbal cues to effectively convey the brand’s message,

Your video is too important to trust with just anyone; we understand that there could be a lot at stake. Our goal is to build a long-lasting relationship with our clients!

Give us a call and see why so many businesses have trusted us with their video projects.

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