Video Production & Photography Agreement

We have put together a selection of all the contracts and service agreement that we have use to build and growth our creative business.

video production


If you’re a videographer or photographer and are just starting out here are 11 contract templates for you to run your creative business!  These 11 agreements & contracts are the exact ones I’ve used to run my business in the past 3 years and have generated over $350k in sales.  This media kit includes agreements, legal forms, NDA’s, and documents to protect you.

Video Production Contracts
Master Services Agreement
Production release forms
Project Addendum
+ 4 Bonus Photography Agreements!

Disclaimer: The following contract has been reviewed by a lawyer. HOWEVER, laws are different in each county, city, state, and country. There are intended to be a guideline rather than a comprehensive, complete contract. Tasca Studios s not responsible for any lawsuits, damages, or disputes that may arise from using this contract template. PLEASE see a local Lawyer to make any tweaks or changes needed for your region.