How to use Video in your business

December 14, 2022

Videos are officially taking over the internet! It's been declared that by 2019, more than 80% of all web traffic will be video! It's not just viral cat videos that are getting all the attention, business owners are using the power of video to introduce their brand and increase their sales. Studies have shown that customers are 64% more likely to buy a product after watching video about it! If your marketing strategy doesn’t align with today's average consumer attention span and advertising preferences, you may run the risk of being crossed off and labeled “low quality” or “out-dated”.

Videos are extremely versatile and can be created to fit ANY marketing strategy. Strategic videos can be made and optimized for each platform; targeting specific audiences.

Whether you want videos that are new and creative, or just looking to get started. We've broken down videos into 2 categories, that aids both business owners who need fresh content, and those making the transition to video.


Here are cost effective ways to get your hands wet with video; that doesn't require the financial investment of a professional script, video production crew or creative team. All shooting can be done with your smart phone and it gives your already existing audience a "behind the scenes" feel of your business, without having to look too polished or perfect looking.


  • New Product Presentations
  • Behind the scenes of your facility
  • Special Events
  • Live streaming with Special Guests
  • Limited Promo Codes

Leading social networks know the importance of video content, and thanks to their algorithm updates, live video streaming is easier than ever! Guaranteeing that you can ALWAYS reach your demographic, whether of Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat.

Customer Reviews videos are another way to get started with video without any rigorous planning or set-up. All you need is your business information and your already great reviews!

Professional video seekers: Pre-Planned Video

These videos are prepared with more thought and will result in a higher production quality. Since these videos require more of a financial investment, they are easily customizable to fit your business’s goals. But here it's crucial for business owners to do a little homework and find a video production agency that does more than just push play.

Here are some examples of pre-planned videos.


The goal with Business Profile Videos is to introduce your business, your story and the services you offer. Here, you have the power to create the “right” first impression with prospective customers, while leaving no room for confusion. Southeast Auto Brokers was able to translate the uniqueness of their family owned business and their high-quality customer service. Along with explaining their buying process, that otherwise could have been lost in translation via text on their website.


Frequently asked questions are a great way to set yourself as an industry leader in your niche market. It also allows you to be found on the world's largest video search engine, Youtube! This type of video production doesn’t require a lot of work on your end because you already know your most commonly asked questions. All you have to do is answer as concisely as you normally would and let your video crew do the rest!


Event videos are an excellent choice for local business looking to highlight their community event. Fem Collective was able increase their customer attendance, sponsorship and brand awareness through their event video, which now can be used across all their social networks and for future advertsing.


When it comes to business, your already happy customers are your greatest weapon. Let them make you look good by broadcasting how much they love your products and services.


Behind-the-scenes videos really sets the tone of your team and gives people an exclusive feel of your business. This also showcases your high-level production value and the quality of work you bring to your customers. All while highlighting the personality of your company and why people should be excited to invest in your brand!

So, you’ve invested in a video, now what do you do with it?

Investing in a high quality and value rich video is only half the battle, because what's the point of a amazing video if it isn't marketed properly to your audience? Your video production agency should know what videos would work best for you and the most effective formats for each platform. So, it's important to make sure they have a strategy in mind that goes beyond the final product and are invested in the overall success of your business.

Questions to consider...

  • What social platform is your existing audience predominately on?
  • Do you want to drive traffic to your website? Or to an event?
  • Are you marketing to existing customers? Or trying to gain new ones?

The answers to these questions influence not only “what” video you need but also “where” should it go. Find a video production agency that does more than just hit record and truly strives for your satisfaction. Unfortunately, videos aren’t an easy way to stand out amongst your competition anymore -- now people EXPECT video content! So start small today with a live video and invest in future video productions tomorrow!