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Award-winning directors
Story and creative development
Live-action production
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Award Winning TV Commercials!

This was the first TV Commercial we did with Brown Distributing highlighting their impact on local businesses in South Florida. By showcasing their company culture and core community values, they were able to easily tap into wider audiences, build customer loyalty and increase sales.

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TV Commercial FAQs


How long can my TV commercial be?

For most platforms your TV commercial should be 15 second or 30 seconds with the exception of social media advertising with spots in the 3-6 seconds range.


How long does a TV commercial take to produce?

The delivery of a TV commercial depends on many things, including project complexity and client availability for feedback. On average it will take 2 weeks after the shoot date to work through edits and revisions to delivery and any where from 1-3 weeks for pre-production depending on what your TV commercial might need.


How much are TV commercials?

This depends on the type of TV commercial you're looking for. Most videos start at $4,000, which includes a three-person crew for one day of shooting with simple editing. Pricing increases once we start adding production elements like concept development, scriptwriting, actors, props, multiple locations, animated graphics, music, etc. On average, a single edited project ranges between $4,000 to $15,000.


Can you produce my TV commercial or show?

Of course. With the right idea and budget we have the team of writers, producers, directors, and editors to make your vision a reality.


What are some tips to have my video produced as fast as possible?

Often it can be a huge help if you are able to put together an outline of what you’d like to communicate or capture  to your audience. Knowing things like your budget, project due date and video goals can provide a great starting point for our team. Adding time to your calendar to review the project and having key decision members involved to provide us feedback on time, and we’ll get us  to the final stages as quickly as possible.
Providing a company logo - The higher the resolution the better. For the best results please provide an Adobe Illustrator .ai file or .eps file or at least a .png unfortunately sending us jpeg. won't work as good as they lose quality.
Brand Guidelines - Having brand guidelines goes a long way, this ensures our team works with the right brand colors, fonts and logo placements. Ensuring your corporate video is 100% inline with your company image and other design work. We also understand that not every company has this in place and that's okay! We’ll do our best to make sure the video matches the look and feel of your brand.

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