FAQ regarding our video
production process.

What does Tasca Studios do?
We’re a video production company that works with advertising agencies,  small businesses, brands and to create videos that your customers will love and your boss will be proud of.
Whether it's an internal project, video campaign, stand-alone commercial or corporate video - we can handle every step of your project from creative to production to final delivery.
So, how much will my video cost?
This depends on the type of video you're looking for, here's a general breakdown of our services. 

Our hourly rate is $300/hr, our full-day rate (up to 10-hours) is $3,000 and half-day (up to 5-hours) is $1,500, which only includes filming and no editing. Most videos start at $4,000, which includes a three-person crew for one day of shooting with simple editing.

Pricing increases once we start adding production elements like concept development, scriptwriting, actors, props, multiple locations, animated graphics, music, etc. On average, a single edited project ranges between $4,000 to $15,000.
How does Tasca Studios's pricing compare to other video production companies in South Florida?
We have competitive pricing when it comes to video production, we have our core team and bring on freelancers as needed for projects. We also don't have a studio which allows us to keep our rates competitive - while still delivering you a high quality video.
Why are your rates broken down into full days and half days? What if I only need you for 1-hour?
Half and full-day rates are standard in video production as they account all the factors that make your video look good! Transporting gear, setting up lights, checking audio, and prepping the location.

However for smaller projects we do offer 1-hour production for those "quick shoots" with our rates starting with a 2-hour minimum, which includes 1 hour of video coverage and 1-hour towards equipment set-up and breakdown.

Does Tasca Studios collaborate with others?
All the time! Depending on what you're looking for, we have a network of creatives we refer to when we need more hands on deck. We also partner up with marketing, creative and Ad agencies when they need a video production team to film their projects.
Do I own the rights to my video?
Yes! Once the video is finished and approved, it's yours to use however you'd like. All raw footage captured will be maintained for 60 days. Afterwards, it will be archived and maintained for five years, but to access them does incur a fee. If you'd like, we're happy to supply you with all your footage on an external hard drive once the shoot is over. All that we ask is that you cover the cost of the drive or supply one yourself.

If we are hired through a “WORK FOR HIRE” contract, all raw footage is included and owned by the client, which will be transferred after the shoot via WeTransfer or hard-drive provided by the client.

*WORK FOR HIRE = Our crew is hired as an extension of your team. All pre-production is done by the client and our team works to capture your vision (what to shoot, how it looks, etc.) with no post-production included.
What software do you use? What cameras and equipment?
We thought you'd never ask! For video editing we're currently using Adobe Premiere Pro.
Our team is filming with Sony Alpha Cameras capturing everything in 4K. If you're looking for something specific, we work with several rental houses that can provide us with what you're looking for. 
As for our gear, we have it all! (and if we don't, we're happy to source it for you). Professional lights, high-quality audio gear, green screens – we're continuously investing in new gear and keeping up-to-date with the latest tech to maintain industry standards.
Why does shooting video take so long?
Have you heard the expression "measure twice, cut once" well that's sorta like video. Setting up the shot, checking audio, adjusting the lights is all part of what makes "Hollywood Movies" look so great and we bring that level of professionalism to your shoot. Things normally take longer than expected because we want to make sure we captured everything right the first time.
Does your team shoot outside of South Florida?
Most definitely! We've worked all over the US and have a network of crew members and creatives who are ready to work whenever, wherever.
What’s the difference between 1080p High definition (hD) and 4k resolution (4k)?
In a nutshell, high definition video looks better than standard definition, because there are more pixels in a single image. The more pixels you have, the sharper and clearer your video will be. By opting for a 4K video, (4X high definition) you won't run the risk of your final project looking grainy or outdated. We capture all of our projects in 4K and export them to 1080p for the best quality and files sizes.
Is there a “cost per minute” rule for video?
Since each video varies, it's difficult to apply a general rule. Cost can depend on a range of factors like number of filming days, actors, locations, scripting writing, special effects, etc. So, it's tough to give a standard “cost per minute” quote for video. We've shot 3-minute promo videos for $5,000 and 30-second commercials for the same price. But rest assured, with any custom quote we pride ourselves on being transparent with our pricings and maximizing your budget.
I’ve been burned by other video production companies and videographers before.
How do I know you’re different?

We feel your pain! Don’t give up. Video production yields high ROI when you have the right video mix in place (product, price, creative, distribution) AND you have the right video partner. Dentist are great, but when you need a root canal, you want to see an Endodontist. The same principle applies with video production agencies or freelance videographers “Jack-of-all-trade” can be the masters of none. We don't do music videos, weddings or Bat Mitzvah's If you’re looking for results, you need to be talking with experts. The team at Tasca Studios is dedicated to delivering you results and a video that you and/or your boss would be proud of! It’s what we do and we’re committed to being masters at our craft. If it’s outside our lane, our commitment to you is that we will refer you to someone else. That’s good for you, and in the long-term, it’s good for us too.
How many revisions do we get?
Normally you get 2 rounds of revisions, with an agreed fee for extra revisions outside of the number stated in the contract. We’ll update you through the production process to make sure everything is going as planned and inform you of any "surprises" that may come along the way. 
How long does a video take to produce?
The delivery of a corporate video depends on many things, including project complexity and client availability for feedback. As a rough guide, a 2-minute video with speedy client feedback will take 2 weeks after the shoot date to work through edits and revisions to delivery.
How long has Tasca Studios been around?
Tasca Studios got a new name in March 2016 when our co-founders moved back to South Florida, he had previously worked in NYC as a freelance videographer for other Ad Agencies & Marketing firms. Since then we’ve helped companies of all sizes with their video projects – from dentists to large manufacturing companies and specialize in corporate interviews, training videos and tv commercials.
What are some tips to have my video produced as fast as possible?
Often it can be a huge help if you are able to put together an outline of what you’d like to communicate or capture  to your audience. Knowing things like your budget, project due date and video goals can provide a great starting point for our team. Adding time to your calendar to review the project and having key decision members involved to provide us feedback on time, and we’ll get us  to the final stages as quickly as possible.

Providing a company logo The higher the resolution the better. For the best results please provide an Adobe Illustrator .ai file or .eps file or at least a .png unfortunately sending us jpeg. won't work as good as they lose quality.

Brand Guidelines having brand guidelines goes a long way, this ensures our team works with the right brand colors, fonts and logo placements. Ensuring your corporate video is 100% inline with your company image and other design work. We also understand that not every company has this in place and that's ok will do our best to make sure the video matches the look and feel of your brand.

Can you produce my TV commercial or show?
Yes. With the right idea and budget we have the team of writers, producers, directors, and editors to make your vision a reality.
How does video marketing compare to traditional marketing?
Video marketing has become popular – and for good reason. 97% of marketers claim that videos help customers understand products. (Hubspot) Imagine having a spokesperson working for you 24/7 on every device 365 days a year. That’s what videos can do for you. On top of that you can gather lots of insights and data from who, when and where your customers are watching from.
How do I know what video is right for my business?
It’s always best to work backward from your end goal. Are you looking to educate potential clients on your product or services or maybe you need a "Brand Video" to showcase your business. Through a quick discovery session we can point you in the right direction on what video would be best for your business. 
how long until i get my video back after filming?
Normally the turnaround time for the first draft is within 7-day's after filming, but we have also worked with clients with tighter timelines have had projects completed within 24-hours.
are you practicing covid-19 safety protocols?
Yes, to ensure the safety of our clients and team, we’ve adapted our protocols to minimize disruptions. We will be providing masks to all our employees, sanitizing equipment, and only scheduling necessary crew members for upcoming productions. Check our updated COVID-19 Safety Protocol!
Yes, all client information and personal data will continue to be serviced through our cloud-based digital library. This allows our team to work on your video remotely while keeping your information protected.
We offer a wide variety of video styles to help scale and grow your business. All video projects come with a producer who will advise on the best video to reach your goals. Whether it’s a single production or a multi-video marketing campaign - we know how to strategically implement video to exceed your ROI. To view our past work click here.
Along with corporate video production and TV commercials we specialize in video marketing campaigns via Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube! Along with Video SEO, YouTube search and optimization.
A 1-minute video on average costs less than $1,500. While additional features can alter the price, we strive to provide video content that is not only high-quality but cost-effective. Our pricing is designed to be transparent and easy to understand, so there’s value no matter when you get started. If you’d like to learn more about how we price our video, you can view our blog post here.

- Our creative team will work with you on creating a script.
- We’ll set up a session with the voice-over actor of your choosing.
- Our editors will source high-quality stock footage.
- Once the clips are approved and edited together - voilà! you have a video!
Perfect! Just let know your video goal and we can edit your existing footage.
Business Profile Videos typically take 5-hours:
10:00 AM – We arrive 1-hour before the scheduled start time to set up.
11:00 AM – Shoot first interview (30 - 40 minutes).
12:00 AM – Shoot second interview (30 - 40 minutes).
1:00 PM – Capture B-roll of the location and staff (30 - 40 minutes).
2:00 PM – Break down our gear and collect release forms.
3:00 PM – That’s a wrap!
Yes! Ever since Google bought YouTube, websites with videos on their landing page have been prioritized on search results pages. Not only does it increase your online ranking - but it’s a great way to connect with customers! Learn more about the benefits of video on your website here.