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Grow Your Sales, Subscribers
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Create powerful video marketing series to connect with new customers searching on YouTube. By producing an optimized video series centered around a topic or service.

We optimize your videos to rank in YouTube search and gain organic traffic. We handle scripting, talking points, research, thumbnail creation, uploading and optimization.

All you have to do is show up!

We'll take care of everything and manage the whole process.

We provide you with video SEO content, video SEO optimization & distribution.

Here are some benefits you can expect from a strategic video SEO campaign:

  • Build your audience
  • Rank for organic search terms
  • Increased website traffic
  • Keyword research
  • Brand awareness

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Video Series FAQs


What is YouTube Marketing?

You can use YouTube to grow and market your business by producing valuable videos and posting them regularly. There are several ways to go about doing this, from organic to paid.


Benefits of YouTube Marketing?

There's lot's of benefits of marketing on YouTube.
1. You can reach millions of daily active users.
2. It can increase your website ranking on Google.
3. Content on YouTube has longer "shelf life" in other words evergreen when compared to Instagram and TikTok since YouTube is a search engine.


YouTube Marketing for local businesses

For many local businesses looking for a competitive edge YouTube is a great strategy as you're able to build a video sales funnel by utilizing the platform with a series of optimized videos.
Placing these videos in your website will help increase your Google ranking when done properly.


How does Tasca Studios's pricing compare to other video production companies in south florida?

We have competitive pricing when it comes to video production, we have our core team and bring on freelancers as needed for projects. We also don't have a studio which allows us to keep our rates competitive - while still delivering you a high quality video.


Can video increase traffic to my website?

Yes! Ever since Google bought YouTube, websites with videos on their landing page have been prioritized on search results pages. Not only does it increase your online ranking - but it’s a great way to connect with customers! Learn more about the benefits of video on your website here.


How long until I get my video back after filming? 

Normally the turnaround time for the first draft is within 7-day's after filming, but we have also worked with clients with tighter timelines and have had projects completed within 24-hours.

We love talking about VIDEOS. Wanna chat about yours?

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Someone in our team will respond to your email within a few hours, or sometimes a few seconds. Depending on the information you provided, we may ask a couple of more questions to make sure we understand everything you’re looking for. After that, let’s see where this goes… ❤️
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