Promo & Product Videos

Promo & Product Videos.

Your customers love video! Boost your advertising efforts, excite your audience and easily get ahead of the competition. Whether you’re looking to highlight a new product or promote an event, captivating your audience has never been easier. Let our team create impactful, on-brand videos to help you sell more products, events or services.

At Tasca Studios, our video marketing specialists can help create and manage your online marketing campaigns, so you can:

  • Increase Reach & Engagement 
  • Bump Up Conversions
  • Influence Buying Decisions

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Promo & Product Video FAQ's


What is a Promotional Video?

Promotional videos are designed to introduce, inform, and generate excitement for a particular product, event, service, or organization.


What are examples of promotional videos?

While this isn't a definite list, promotional videos include recap videos, product launches, demonstration, sponsored events or celebrations.


Our event has multiple rooms - can you still help?

Of course! We have a multi-camera crew that ensures we stay mobile and capture every moment - while remaining discrete.


Does your team shoot outside of South Florida? 

Most definitely! We've worked all over the US and have a network of crew members and creatives who are ready to work whenever, wherever.


Do I own the rights to my video?

Yes! Once the video is finished and approved, it's yours to use however you'd like. All raw footage captured will be maintained for 60 days. Afterwards, it will be archived and maintained for five years, but to access them does incur a fee. If you'd like, we're happy to supply you with all your footage on an external hard drive once the shoot is over. All that we ask is that you cover the cost of the drive or supply one yourself.  

If we are hired through a “WORK FOR HIRE” contract, all raw footage is included and owned by the client, which will be transferred after the shoot via WeTransfer or hard-drive provided by the client. 

*WORK FOR HIRE = Our crew is hired as an extension of your team. All pre-production is done by the client and our team works to capture your vision (what to shoot, how it looks, etc.) with no post-production included.


Can a promo video increase traffic to my website? 

Yes! Ever since Google bought YouTube, websites with promo videos on their landing page have been prioritized on search results pages. Not only does it increase your online ranking - but it’s a great way to generate hype and inform customers! Learn more about the benefits of video on your website here.

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