Conference & Event Videos

Conference & Event Videos

Conference Videos are an excellent way to communicate your message, increase sponsorship and promote to potential attendees. We help tell your story by highlighting the following: why your audience came, what value they gained andmost importantly, how their lives will be improved.

Whether it’s a straightforward presentation or a multi-room conference, our team ensures that your event are represented in the best possible light. We've worked on many different types of events over the years, and have the experience, expertise, and team to effortlessly generate the hype it deserves.

Planning events can be stressful - let our team make your life easier!
Event videos are a way to target a specific audience and immediately engage them. From online ads to TV commercials, Tasca Studios provides highly effective videos to transform your marketing campaign. We don't just capture your presentations, we also offer:

  • Photography services
  • Sponsor Interviews
  • Attendee Sound Bites
  • Drone Footage
  • and more!

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Conference Videos FAQs


What is a conference video?

This video style act as an event recap for your conference. They help illustrate the value to be gained, what your conference is about and the overall vibe of the event. Conference videos can include full speaker sessions, expert presentations, attendee testimonials, interviews and promo booths.


What is the purpose of a conference video?

Event promoters or brands hope that attendees walk away from their conference feeling satisfied with what they've learned and the new connections they made. More importantly, they're hoping that their conference generates interest, sponsorships and registrations numbers. They can be short-form and used as advertisement for future events or can be sold virtually to those not able to attend.


Our conference has multiple sessions happening at the same time - can you still help?

Of course! We have a multi-camera crew that ensures we stay mobile and capture every moment - while remaining discrete.


Does your team shoot outside of South Florida? 

Most definitely! We've worked all over the US and have a network of crew members and creatives who are ready to work whenever, wherever.


Can a conference video increase traffic to my website?

Most definitely! We've worked all over the US and have a network of crew members and creatives who are ready to work whenever, wherever.

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