Adhesives Technology

Project Overview

ATC was looking to create a series of videos for their product "Miracle Bond".  The goal was to use the videos as part of a new marketing effort to explain how the product could be used as Ideal bonding agent for most materials including concrete, brick, wood, stone, block and other substrates.


They had issues with how the product was used in the past by customers not following the directions or applying "Miracle Bond" in the wrong surfaces or applications.

The Solution

Our solution was to create a series of SEO-optimized videos showing "step by step" how to use Miracle Bond.

Making it easy for their current customers to understand the product better,  along with exposing them to a new audience looking for "how-to vidoes" on the issues we optimized the videos for.


Over 850K views on their YouTube channel.

+7K new subscribers.

5X on product sales.