Entrusted Recruitment Video

Project Overview

Entrusted was looking for a way to attract out of state talent to their growing business. Limited to job-fairs and attending colleges to recruit new talent, they wanted to showcase what made their business special in a not so "sexy" business of Water, Mold, Fire restoration.


Most students at a job fair wouldn't consider working at a restoration business due to its nature. Entrusted, however, had a track record of bringing in student athletes and giving them a career after college.

The Solution

Our solution was to create a high-energy recruitment video interviewing key team members that would resonate with potential candidates. We spent two days working alongside their marketing team to capture meetings, testimonials, company events and footage of the surrounding area.


Entrusted quickly grew their team by adding the video to their "careers" page, along with using the video on job boards and during presentations at job fairs. The video was also used to grow their team in five different cities.