Pumphouse Coffee Roasters

Project Overview

Pumphouse Coffee Roasters was looking to increase online sales and in-store visits. 


Their static ads were under-performing and failing to reach their audience.

The Solution

Our solution was to create a series of engaging videos & content that would be utilized across all platforms to boost awareness and give them the opportunity to retarget potential customers who watched their videos. By utilizing their best performing post, past purchasers and website visitors, we created a look-a-like audience and developed an ad campaign that targeted those with similar age ranges, interests, demographics, and incomes. 

The second phase included re-engaging past website visitors and those who had added products to their cart. 

To further improve ad results, we utilized A/B testing to display almost-identical ads to see which ones perform better over time. By switching to video ads and focusing on targeted audiences, they increased their sales from $400/month to $6k/month.


Increased brand awareness, in-store visits and online sales. Which resulted in:

  • Over 335K views on their YouTube channel.
  • Increase online sales by 1400% 
  • Over 33,000 Facebook impressions.