SE Auto Showroom - Brand Video

Project Overview

Southeast Auto Showroom is a boutique-style dealership that specializes in high-end and luxury pre-owned vehicles. They wanted a way to connect with out-of-state buyers and showcase how they do things differently.


Being up against national dealerships with deeper pockets, Southeast Auto Showroom needed a video strategy that would boost their online visibility, increase website traffic, and convert viewers into paying customers.

The Solution

Our solution was to create a video sales funnel to help convert leads during their buyer's journey. Since most of their business was done online, we created a "Brand Video" showcasing the dealership, along with their process. Next we created a "How your vehicle is shipped"  as that was one of the main concerns they received. 

Additionally, they wanted to create a way to buy cars from customers, so we created an animated explainer video, highlighting their process. 

As a new initiative we have created a YouTube series, going over some of the most popular cars they sell. By optimizing the series with Video SEO they have reached over 5K views on their series, along with bringing in added traffic and sales to those models in one month.

We're happy to say we have been working with SE Autos for over 6 years assisting them with marketing and video production. 


Over 100K views on their YouTube channel.

3X New subscribers.

+$5 Million in sales.