Realtor Case Study - Thalia Arellano

Project Overview

Thalia Arellano was an up-and-coming realtor looking for a video strategy that would set her apart from the competition and help her get found by more clients.


South Florida is an incredibly saturated real estate market. With more realtors than homes to sell, Thalia needed a way to stand out amongst her competitors while building an online and local presence. 


Our solution was to create a property listing tour video series. These videos provided an in-depth look of each home, high-ticket features and showed potential buyers what a home looks like before they step foot inside. We also did video SEO to help her rank for local search terms to increase online visibility. Through her video series she was able to get found by home-buyers, sell properties faster, and effortlessly elevate her brand to attract a higher-tier clientele. 


Produced The Highest Viewed Episode with 128K views by using video SEO

  • Over 220K views on her YouTube channel.
  • Over +1M Impressions
  • 6X her Subscribers